Papa’s Pancakeria: A flippin’ Good Game.

Papa’s Pancakeria, developed by Flipline Studios, is the newest edition in the Papa’s game series. Its sister games are Papa’s Pizzaria, Papa’s Burgeria, Taco Mia, and Papa’s Freezeria. Papa’s Pancakeria has received great reviews so far, garnering a 91% approval rating on, where it is currently being featured, and is a worthy contender for up and coming flash games.
As the game begins, you are set up as either a male or female character (you can choose which one at the beginning of the game) who loses their cat for a day, inside a pancakeria. When the cat is found, the owner asks you to watch his shop until he comes back, which leads you into playing the game in earnest. Scores in Papa’s Pancakeria depend on quality of service, just like in a real restaurant, and as you level up, you gain new customers and more ingredients to work with. Tips are earned from the customers as you play, which are added to your weekly payday and allow you to upgrade the shop in many different ways and offer bonuses to your score.
Music and sound are well implemented in this game; there are sounds for most things in the game including cooking noises, shop addition noises (such as a bell for when new customers arrive), and the music track is unobtrusive and quiet, allowing you to focus on cooking tasks when needed. There is no voice acting of any sort, either implied or overt, but honestly there doesn’t need to be; the graphics that show up on the order tabs convey what you need to fill the orders quite nicely.
Speaking of the graphics, the graphical quality in this game is really very good for a Flash game; animations are smooth and while the models are cartoonish, they are rather endearing that way.
Gameplay revolves around serving an increasing number of customers pancakes, and the controls allow you to manipulate toppings, flip pancakes, and serve customers their meals appropriately. The controls are mostly done well; there are no obvious bugs in the controls from my playthrough although I would have liked to see an option for removing one pancake from the plates you put them on for your orders so that you can put toppings on the one underneath that you forgot to do instead of having to trash the entire thing, but all in all that’s small potatoes. The game as a whole works, and works well, and it deserves its 91% rating. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to spend some time with a quality Flash game.

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