Epic Stand Review!

Epic Stand is a game that is well-conceived and -executed (mostly), with a couple of unfortunate flaws that keep it from being rated higher. Although there are many options that make it fun to play and worth the time to complete at least once, the plot is paper-thin, and rife with grammar and spelling errors that will annoy anyone who has a decent grasp of the English language.

The graphics in Epic Stand are okay; the enemies that you face are varied and colorful in shape, size, and function, and it’s fun to watch the mob of enemies mill around your castle as you kill them off with the help of your minions. I think that there was too much green used, and that there could have been more variety in the types of enemies that showed up (there were a lot of goblins and orcs) but the functions and looks of the enemies were varied enough that it doesn’t distract from the overall experience.

The sound and music is actually one of the better things about this game; the soundtrack is a motivating and inspiring classical track, reminiscent of what the Lord of the Rings movies had, and there are sounds for most of the enemies and spells that you can cast in the game as well. I would have liked to see voices for the between-missions cutscenes, but they were not implemented.

There’s a lot of replayability value in this game, which helps its score a lot; you have Hard Modes for every mission, and the rewards for doing them help you advance in your talent tree so that you can gain new abilities and spells to use in your castle defense. The Hard Modes are challenging, much more so than the original levels are, and allow you to test yourself after you’ve gained some more powers.

Overall the gameplay itself is fine, but the biggest thing that drags this game down is the annoying amount of spelling and grammar errors that pop up everytime you see a cutscene. In every single cutscene and every single instructional screen, there is at least one error, and unfortunately that’s just something that has to be lived with as you go through the game. For someone who reads a lot and knows how to spell, it’s one of the more annoying things to see in a game. On the whole, though, the game in general is a good way to spend some time enjoying a castle defense, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes the genre.

Epic Stand:
Graphics – 3/5
Sound/Music – 4/5
Controls – 4/5
Replayability – 3/5
Gameplay – 4/5
Overall – 4/5

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