Explodabot Walkthrough

Verminator Walkthrough

The Last Element aka The Hardest Easy Game Walkthrough

The Last Element aka THE HARDEST EASY GAME Walkthrough:
Play the game here: The Hardest Easy Game

Play the game here: The Hardest Easy Game

Azriel Walkthrough

Azriel is a game of patience. Carefully place units, raise your economy, and strategically use your powers to win.

Don’t forget to use the forces of nature in your Climate Tab.

Collect coins to boosts your earnings.

Remember to keep a balance when building your army and economy.

Quick Tip for beginners: Earn money first. Miners, wanted posters, and help blacksmiths. Focusing on economy early helps avoid getting overwhelmed.

Play a similar game:
Kingdom Rush
Kingdom Rush

Watch the trailer!

Wrecking Ball Walkthrough

Try to get the wrecking ball swinging to build momentum!

The more swing, the more power, the more wreckage on the buildings.

Work around on all sides of the building, and not just one side.

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